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Pest infestations in Nowra cost many residential and commercial property owners as well as businesses a lot of money. When you have pests like termites invading your home, they will cause damage to your structure. Fleas and bedbugs cause sleepless nights to families and pets. Cockroaches are a health hazard to many homes and businesses including restaurants, hotels, and other food establishments. At Affordable Pest Control Nowra, we offer reliable services to protect your premises with our pest control management. 

Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your pest infestation problem. Our pest control services in Nowra are backed by innovative products, knowledgeable experts and an understanding of the different adaptation and breeding habits and patterns of the pests. We also eradicate ants and spiders from all Nowra premises. 






When to call expert pest control services in Nowra

A pest infestation will leave a trail of damage and losses that may take a long time to recover. If you believe you have a pest problem in Nowra, early action is always the most effective. At Affordable Pest Control, we provide fast, effective and reliable pest control solutions for homes and businesses in Nowra.

It can be difficult to judge the scale or nature of a pest infestation. If you notice cockroaches, termites, spiders or other pests, calling in commercial and residential pest control Nowra will help you swiftly identify the extent of the problem and treat it accordingly. =





How to prepare for a Nowra Pest Control visit 

Prior to your Nowra pest control visit it is recommended to vacuum and wipe down surfaces. Although the chemicals we use are non toxic to humans, we always advise food items and pet bowls are removed from treatment areas and windows are kept closed to minimise contamination and maximise effectiveness.

Noting down the areas you have seen pests lurking in your home or commercial property will be helpful when your pest control expert arrives at your Nowra property. Some pests, though, may not be easy to see until a technician comes in. If it’s ants, look for the areas where they are. Having a list of sightings is going to make it easier for the technicians and helps ensure that no infestations or areas go untreated. 

What to expect from your Pest Control treatment 

When you call in pest control services in Nowra, the technicians will ask for more details on the type of pest and whereabouts you have seen them. They will then thoroughly inspect the property and discuss the appropriate treatment option. 

After your Nowra pest control treatment, you will need to keep the area clean and your technician will advise on any follow up action that needs to be taken. Depending on the type of treatment and the pests present, time taken to see results may vary. In most cases we are able to eliminate the problem within one visit, however on occasion a follow up may be required.

Termite Inspections in Nowra 

The first step in eradicating termite infestation is an inspection. A termite inspection helps your Nowra pest control technicians to determine the scope of infestation and the most suitable pest control method to use. Since Nowra conditions are suitable for termites, it is recommended that you do a termite inspection every 12 months. If it’s a high-risk area, you may want to conduct an inspection more often. 

Termite Infestation Treatments in Nowra 

There are a variety of approaches to take when treating a termite infestation. Our termite control services in Nowra will aim to eradicate the colony of the termite by dusting, foaming and or baiting.

If your structure has been invaded by termites, then the first step must always be to eliminate the attacking colony. Once the termite colony has collapsed, we are able to create a termite barrier that continues to keep termites away from your building using chemical and bait station treatments. 


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