Why should you invest in termite management?

Ahh, Termites – aka white ants! We have all heard the stories, but what about the facts. 

1.       CSIRO Survey indicates about 1 in 3 dwellings have termites within the property boundary

2. Termites are referred to as “white ants” but are more related to the cockroach.

3. The termites located around the south Coast NSW cause extensive damage to buildings and structures and the repair cost are not covered by home insurance 

4.       Termites are responsible for over $100 million of damage to homes each year, which usually isn’t covered by insurance.

Termite management options. 

Pre-construction barriers. 

Whether you are building a house or renovating your home, you have the opportunity to provide the best Termite management solution possible. 

These options include – physical barriers, chemical barriers and reticulation systems. Make sure you talk with one of our friendly staff members about what will best suit your situation. 

Post-construction termite management

There are many systems that you can have installed by Affordable Pest Control Nowra to stop and protect your property from subterranean termite attacks. 

Monitoring and baiting stations.

Affordable Pest Control Nowra uses a range of stations such as Sentricon always active and Trelona ATBS. Both of these stations have been designed with a bait matrix build into the system, so not only do they detect if there is termite activity in the surrounding areas but they are designed to kill the queen. We like to refer to them as an all in one station. 

Our professional technician will install in-ground stations around the building at points where termites are likely to be foraging to install them around a building, we recommend they are installed 3m apart. 

Chemical Barriers

Chemical Barriers are designed to stop termites gaining access to your home and damaging it. 

Termiticides create a chemical barrier which termites are unable to penetrate. A chemical Barriers is a liquid Termiticide (Termidor) that is applied to the soil around a building 

Chemical Barriers can be applied under a concrete floor or around the foundations of the building both before or after construction.

The life expectancy of a Chemical Barrier ranges from 5 to 10 years, depending on which product is used. 

This would suggest that your home would remain termite free and will need to retreat after the 5 to 10 years. There is a variety of Termiticides used which have different modes of action. Our specialist Pest Technician can investigate and advise you on the best option for protecting your property.

Termite in wood

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