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Pest Management

Affordable Pest Control has been providing a safe environment around your home for the past 26 years – We strive to help all our customers achieve what they require for their home by using the most environmentally friendly, non-toxic materials that we can.The health and safe of your home is our top priority. We apply residual products that last without any concerns to your families safety.

Crawling Insects & Pests


We only use solvent free, environmentally friendly, chemicals that are safe for your family and pets. These chemicals are natural Pyrethrins produced by the flowers of Pyrethrums (Chrysanthemums). Our Spider sprays are an annual treatment and you will find that once you start getting it done each year, you will be spider free forever.


We tend to use Insect Growth Regulators (IGR) when treating Ants, IGRs are very safe to use and friendly to the environment, and extremely effective. IGRs will provide a longer lasting treatment time than repellent type chemicals. If you are wondering what IGRs do, they are the chemicals that the ants take back to the nest and eventually kill the entire colony.


There are different treatments required for different species, for example spray treatments alone will not work on German Cockroaches, they require baiting, trapping, sometimes spraying and dusting combined. If you have a cockroach problem contact us and we will identify the species and its harborage and apply the appropriate treatment method


Some species of birds are considered as a pest to many businesses, especially pigeons. Birds are known to cause property damage by dislodging roof tiles, blocking gutters and nesting in unwanted spots. It's best to call upon a bird control expert like Affordable Pest Control before the problem gets out of hand.


The key here is being prepared, Rats are very shy by nature and will have visited your roof space several times before moving in. Initially the whole roof is a new smell and if you have rodent baits waiting, you will never know that a rat may have came visiting. However if you wait until they move in and add baits or traps they become a new smell, a rat may take a considerable amount of time before he decides to take the bait.


Fleas can be at times difficult to treat, that being a combination of treatment by us and an effort on your part, with respect to vacuuming and keeping your pets treated. The key is to use a quality chemical with a high residual and persistence. Quite often fleas will nest in the subfloor, it is important to treat this area as well and ensure that your pets do not have access to this area.


There are many ways we can protect your property from future termite attacks. These include physical barriers, chemical barriers, combined physical and chemical barriers and bait monitoring stations. If you need any information on the various types of barriers, please contact Affordable Pest Control.


Affordable Pest Control are leading pest inspectors in the Shoalhaven.Not only are we highly qualified, we use the highest quality equipment and follow a procedure which has proven to be effective time and time again.

Building Inspections

Affordable Pest Control can combine your pre-purchase pest and building inspection reports to save you money and time. Our reports are fully descriptive; they show the site, the exterior, the roof exterior, the roof void, the subfloor areas for timber floor construction and the entire interior room by room. They also include photographs of defects and any other problems we may discover.

Crawling Insects & Pests

Residential Pest Control

At Affordable Pest Control, we understand the need to protect your home and family from unwanted pests. Outbreaks and infestations can be inconvenient and can cause both extensive and expensive damage to your home, which is often not covered by insurance – not to mention being dangerous to your loved ones as well as your pets. Maintaining a regular home pest control regime is important for the wellbeing of your family and with our team of qualified technicians, home and garden pest control has never been easier.

Protect your home from pests

Residential pest control doesn’t need to be a chore, but a simple necessity to protect your property and your loved ones. After 26 years of providing safe and environmentally friendly home and garden pest control for Shoalhaven, Illawarra, and surrounding areas, we know that prevention is better than cure. Request a free quote with one of our friendly team members today to discuss all of your home pest control needs.

Frequently Ask Question

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The exact cost will depend on the type and extent of the infestation or pest problem you face. However, we pride ourselves on delivering highly effective and affordable pest control services, so whatever your needs, we can meet them at an excellent price.

While dealing with some types of minor infestations with a DIY approach is possible, we don’t recommend it. If you want to make sure that your home or business is free of pests, call Affordable Pest Control now.

It depends on the type of treatment. Termite treatments can be effective for up to 5 years, and other kinds of infestations may require only one or two treatments or may need to be repeated on a more regular basis. For specific details, please call or email us.

After treatment, it is advisable to wait for 5-7 days before cleaning your house, if possible. We will always advise you of any waiting time before applying treatment, so you know exactly what to do.

Yes. Nobody wants their space to be inhabited by unhygienic pests. The effort required to tackle even the smallest problem alone — especially without professional equipment — is time-consuming, complex and often untenable.

At Affordable Pest Control Nowra, we’ll ensure that your home or business is protected from unwanted pests. Our expert exterminators will work to free up your precious time and deliver a high-quality service so you can rest easy knowing your property is in good hands.

That will depend on your current pest issue and the treatment your premises receive. When we discuss your options with you, we’ll go through the entire process and let you know how long you should wait before ordering another pest control service.

Unless it’s an emergency, it’s best to plan pest control services well ahead of time. Because pests become more active in warmer temperatures, it’s best to schedule pest control in Spring, when most start to lay eggs and resurface.

In colder weather, it’s harder to reach them, as they’re usually hibernating. To avoid reactionary tactics, call us to discuss the best approach for your premises.

To prepare for pest control adequately, you should cover open items and move furniture to give exterminators easy access to harder-to-reach areas. Most importantly, make sure you have proper plans to relocate you and your family — including any pets — for the day.

You shouldn’t have to wait too long — sometimes just a couple of hours. To get an accurate idea of how long you should wait, speak to us, and we’ll give you an accurate figure for your specific service.

There are a few things you should discuss with us before your service:

  • When should I receive pest control?
  • How can I bestprepare my home or business premises?
  • How long will it take?
  • How long until I can come back?

Whether you’re looking for spider pest control, rodent pest control, residential termite control, or even residential bird pest control, our team at Affordable Pest Control highly advises you to conduct yearly pest controls for your residential property. If you’ve recently moved into a new home, you should always perform an inspection to check for any infestations. Depending on the environment as well, you may need to conduct pest controls twice a year. We operate pest controls for termites, cockroaches, fleas, ants and more.

When you book a pest control service, the initial inspection will occur where the house will be swept and checked for certain hidden spots where infestations would gather or grow. Depending on the situation and severity of the infestation, the following would be carried out. Our pest control rodent treatment won’t harm your family or pets, and we ensure that all treatments are conducted quickly and thoroughly so you don’t have to take time away from your home. If you’re looking at extending or renovating your home, we also offer termite management protection services as part of the mandatory building regulation.

There’s no perfect time to conduct pest control, but if we were to advise our clients on what season would be best for residential pest control, our recommendation would be Spring. As the best time in the year for you to get your home sprayed, you’re given the opportunity to destroy any nests or colonies before their numbers grow. Doing this involves less work and makes it more effective to ensure your pest, rodent, spider and termite-free all year.

Depending on the pesticide, most household pesticides can last between 3 to 6 months. However, this can also vary, depending on where they are sprayed in your home, as well as the surrounding environment. By hiring rodent pest control companies that are experienced and well-versed in pesticides, you won’t have to worry about which pesticide would work best for your home. If you’re looking for commercial pest control, our team can also assist you with our customised pest control service plans.

Not necessarily. We ensure that we don’t disturb or disrupt your day to day activities whilst we’re conducting our residential pest control services. So, we avoid moving furniture unless it is obstructing a particular area we need to get to.