Termite Protection

Affordable Pest Control are leading pest inspectors in the Shoalhaven. Not only are we highly qualified, we use the highest quality equipment and follow a procedure which has proven to be effective time and time again.

Our Equipment

Moisture Meter

Termite Inspection moisture meter using by affordable pest control to detect pests

Termatrac Movement Detection Meter

Termite Inspection termatrac movement detector using by affordable pest control to detect pests

FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera

Termite Inspection FLIR thermal camera using by affordable pest control to detect pests

CO2 Sensing Meter

Termite Inspection co2 sensing meter using by affordable pest control to detect pests


We start on the outside the property, looking at the fences, trees and around the base of the house, quite often probing in suspected areas will reveal termite galleries or termites themselves. At this stage we will use advanced equipment to find potential problems that cannot be seen by the human eye.
If the house has a subfloor we will then extend the search under the house, quite often this is where first detection is found however, every inch where accessible must be checked, the inspector is required to get up close and personal with the subfloor wall and piers.

The search will then move inside the house, this is where the arsenal of test equipment is generally used to detect the extent of an infestation. The internal wall linings are moisture tested, as excessive moisture is a common indicator of termite activity. Moisture meters are standard inspection equipment along with a powerful torch and termite probe.

Any accessible roof voids are then searched and timbers are probed and sounded for defects. A visual search is carried out for mudding, including the periodic lifting of insulation to check the top plates of walls.

Once a visual inspection is complete, further tests can then be applied. While a visual inspection will detect the great majority of infestations, sometimes termites can be present and not detected. Often a property will have a very high risk of concealed termite activity due to its construction. Sometimes nothing is known of the history of the property such as when carrying out a prior-to-purchase inspection and occasionally there are restrictions on the amount of intrusive probing that can be carried out.

There are 3 steps to a successful termite barrier

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Termite inspection

A termite inspection should be carried out at the start of any treatment, this is designed to determine the extent of the damage and assist with step two.

Colony Treatment

If termites are identified during step one, the colony should always be treated first before any preventative measures are employed. The primary two methods of colony treatments are dusting and baiting.

Preventative Measures

There are many ways to protect your property from future termite attacks such as physical barriers, chemical barriers, combined physical and chemical barriers and bait monitoring stations. If you need any information on the various types of barriers please contact Affordable Pest Control.

Termidor $2 million worth of
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At Affordable Pest Control Nowra we offer you the highest level of termite protection on paper as well as in the ground.

Do you have any timber inside your home? E.g. Timber trusses in your roof, timber flooring.
Do you have any soil/grass garden beds in contact with your home? Covering your slab edge?
Do you have any timber in contact with the ground? E.g. Fences, garden edges, retaining walls.